Yoga + Massage

Yoga Classes and One-on-One Sessions
I have practiced yoga for the past 15+ years. My journey started as an internal way of healing – an outlet. A way to focus on my true self when the craziness of teenage years and family chaos stressed me out. The practice of yoga has been there for me through the ups and downs, and has provided me with endless internal healing and external strength and flexibility. Everyone comes into needing yoga for different reasons, with varying needs physically and spiritually, but yoga is for everyone (especially if you are not flexible!). I am happy to accommodate any session to exactly what you want to get out of it, all you need is an open mind and open heart.

I am 200-hr YTT certified through Kula Collective. Not only do I have the quantitative qualifications to teach yoga, I really live the practice. I recently completed a 25-day emergence program in Bali to heal myself so that I could heal others. I am happy to be able to bring the beautiful gift of yoga to anyone who is open-minded and ambitious to try some time on the mat (no experience necessary).

I offer one-on-one yoga and/or meditation sessions specifically tailored to students’ holistic needs. I also offer group setting yoga and/or meditation sessions. All yoga session offerings are based on donation. Email me at if you’re interested in learning more.

Massage and Healing through Physical Touch
While in Bali, I completed a practical Thai Yoga massage course. This type of massage is conducted without oil and fully clothed, focusing on meridian lines and an all-over release of energy blockages. I am offering one-on-one thai yoga massage sessions to help in healing the body in this way. I am also open to tailoring massage to specific needs. All massage offerings are based on donation. Email me at if you’re interested in learning more.

Facilitated Women’s Circles = Coming Soon!