We’ve Got Work to Do

There’s a lot of planning that’s needed for a successful waste diversion program. Here’s how we can make that happen.

Offering 1: Setting up a Business for Waste Diversion

  • On-site waste characterizations of businesses (restaurants grocery stores, etc.), universities and schools, government offices (City Hall, public works, etc.), institutions, and other waste producing facilities to determine the composition of waste and potential for reduction of material to landfill
  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) site visits and waste audits to determine local market recycling rules, acceptable materials, and other important factors to the source separation program
  • Developing waste solutions that work on paper AND in practice
  • Managing bin roll-outs in the facility and setting up a system that is convenient and makes sense
  • Drafting resolutions and other commitments to zero waste and extended producer responsibility (EPR)

Offering 2: In-Person Training and Education

  • Creating staff training modules and guidelines
  • Providing staff training resources for in-person or web based training
  • In-person education to business staff
  • Working with purchasing staff to develop reasonable guidelines for environmentally preferable purchasing

Offering 3: Stakeholder Engagement and Community Pulse

  • Providing resources and written communication for educating stakeholders
  • Facilitated discussion and presentations at local meetings and focus groups for taking the “pulse” of the community
  • Development, distribution, and analysis of community surveys and/or polls
  • Creative development of activities for stakeholder engagement

Offering 4: Compliance with State of California Requirements

  • Identification of covered generators under AB 341/AB 1826
  • Conducting phone calls, emails, or other methods of outreach to businesses to: notify of compliance requirements; and follow-up with noncompliant covered generators
  • Provide tracking and monitoring for sufficient reporting back to CalRecycle via the Electronic Annual Report (EAR)
  • Assistance with Form 303 reporting, Electronic Annual Report (EAR), used oil payment program, etc.

Offering 5: Assistance with Education and Outreach Material

  • Assistance creating indoor and/or outdoor waste bin signage
  • Recommendations for revisions to the website
  • Managing printed marketing collateral creative development
  • Social media engagement, and more

Offering 6: Zero Waste Event Planning

  • Working with the local waste hauler to set up appropriate bins for garbage, recycling and composting (if available)
  • Working with event planners – or serving as event planner – to purchase environmentally conscious products, recycled-content products, and reusable items when available
  • Day-of event assistance managing waste, educating event attendees, and assisting with source separation at the bin

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