Government + Business Assistance

Does separating your trash confuse you? There are so many colors and material types and rules – like why do pizza boxes go in the trash but cereal boxes go in the recycling? And what’s up with the little recycling logo? It can feel like madness, I know. And I’m here to help. In our fast-paced world, convenience is key. So is the fun factor. I’ve got you covered on both! There’s a lot of planning that’s needed for a successful waste diversion program. Here’s how we can make that happen.

Waste-related experience and services currently offered include the following:

Setting up a Business for Waste Diversion

  • Assistance ordering bins
  • Assistance creating/developing bin signage
  • Creating staff training modules and guidelines
  • Providing staff training in-person or via web
  • Organizing and facilitating stakeholder meetings
  • Developing waste solutions that work on paper AND in practice
  • Managing bin roll-outs in the facility and setting up a system that is convenient and makes sense
  • Providing resources and written communication for educating stakeholders
  • Working with purchasing staff to develop reasonable guidelines for environmentally preferable purchasing
  • Drafting resolutions and other commitments to zero waste and extended producer responsibility (EPR)
  • In-person education to business staff

On-Site Characterizations

  • On-site waste characterizations of businesses (restaurants grocery stores, etc.), universities and schools, government offices (City Hall, public works, etc.), institutions, and other waste producing facilities
  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) site visits and waste audits to determine percentage of recovery and residual

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Facilitated discussion and presentations at community meetings and focus groups
  • Development, distribution, and analysis of community surveys and/or pools
  • Social media content development and distribution for engaging audiences and gaining insight
  • Creative development of activities for stakeholder engagement

Zero Waste Plan Writing

  • Goal setting and project management
  • Estimated diversion analysis from current and/or projected tonnage data
  • Municipal ordinance/policy development
  • Timeline setting and projected milestones
  • Stakeholder engagement and inclusion in plan

Disaster Debris Management Plan Writing

  • Compilation of City data applicable for FEMA approval of disaster debris management plan
  • Analysis of potential natural disasters and man made hazards
  • Identification of potential staff roles and departmental duties
  • Estimated debris generated in the event of a natural disaster
  • Identification of potential temporary debris removal and storage sites
  • Assistance with submittal of plan to CalOES and FEMA

For a detailed background of my experience and qualifications, please check out my LinkedIn profile here.