What I Offer

  • On-site waste characterizations of businesses (restaurants grocery stores, etc.), universities and schools, government offices (City Hall, public works, etc.), institutions, and other waste producing facilities to determine the composition of waste and potential for reduction of material to landfill.
  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) site visits and waste audits to determine local market recycling rules, acceptable materials, and other important factors to the source separation program
  • Developing waste solutions that work on paper AND in practice
  • Managing bin roll-outs in the facility and setting up a system that is convenient and makes sense
  • Drafting resolutions and other commitments to zero waste and extended producer responsibility (EPR)
Related Experience:
  • Alameda County General Services Agency
  • Town of Corte Madera facilities (City Hall, Fire Departments, Corporation Yard) suggestions
  • City of Rancho Cordova City Hall
  • Preschool classrooms within Alameda County (school districts: X)
  • X amount of businesses within the Town of Corte Madera (site visits)
  • Chico State Wildcat Store plastic bag procurement program
  • Reduction of single-use to-go containers at Chico State dining services