Back in California: Reflections from 3 Months on the Road

When I left home 3 months ago, I had zero expectations. Family, friends and coworkers kept asking what “the plan” was, and in truth, I had none. I just knew I needed to go. So I sold nearly all of my things keeping only some clothes, my surfboard, my snowboard and car, of which I’mContinue reading “Back in California: Reflections from 3 Months on the Road”

48 Hours in Barcelona

Barcelona is funky. Warm. Cultured. The most laid back big city I’ve been in (which hasn’t been many). It quickly makes sense why it’s rated the 2nd best beach city in the world, behind Rio. The style is casual, flip flops and shorts are more abundant, skateboarders with overgrown mohawks roam the streets, and parksContinue reading “48 Hours in Barcelona”

Getting Intimate with the Cuisine of Southern Italy

I’ve been excited to get in touch with the culinary part of Italy, and in particular, where my family is from (have I mentioned I’ve been eating a lot here?). I decided to meet up with a local named Antonello for a day of experiencing authentic cuisine in this (overlooked) southern region of the bootContinue reading “Getting Intimate with the Cuisine of Southern Italy”

Made it to my Ancestral Home – Bari, Italy

I knew two things about the town where my grandfather grew up in – that when he was 10 years old it was overrun by mafia (the reason my great grandmother sent him away to New York), and that it’s the heel of Italy’s boot. So when I got off the bus, alone, at theContinue reading “Made it to my Ancestral Home – Bari, Italy”

Exploring Naples – Birth Place of Pizza

After a few days of yoga and vegetarian eating on a farm deep in the quiet countryside of a national park in Italy, I decided, it was time for pizza. Lots, and LOTS of pizza. So what better place than the city it was invented – Napoli! “Naples” is a beautiful city on a bayContinue reading “Exploring Naples – Birth Place of Pizza”

Roaming Rome – My First Day in Italy

I arrived to the Termini Station of Rome at night. It had been a 30+ hour travel from Bali to Singapore to Athens to Rome, which involved a taxi, 3 flights, 2 trains, and a bus. Arriving to Rome, I felt more lost than anywhere. The City’s busy main station was not the welcoming ItalianContinue reading “Roaming Rome – My First Day in Italy”

A Day in Athens, Greece

I really love layovers. Long ones, especially. When arriving to Athens, Greece (my first time in Europa!) I was not-so-friendly greeted to warmer, drier weather and a scene that reminded me of the Vegas desert. Luckily public transportation is so robust here, which allowed me to take a train directly into the City center. CheckContinue reading “A Day in Athens, Greece”

The Greenest School in all the Lands

Imagine having grown up going to a school that had no walls. No detention. No bells. Instead, class is held in a bamboo fortress with open air and views of the jungle. Instead, “punishment” is handled by a sit down talk of how things could’ve been done differently. Instead, music and independence coordinates the changingContinue reading “The Greenest School in all the Lands”

Epic Sunrise Hike up Active Volcano

You know those tours that can be found on the side of the road? The ones hawked by tan locals quick to push their laminated poster of various day trips and destinations your way, just because you accidentally glanced at the brochures on the walk by? I finally caved from this charade and joined one.Continue reading “Epic Sunrise Hike up Active Volcano”