Southern California Dreamin

I’ve been back on dry, dusty California soil for almost a month now and damn, it’s been hard to find inspiration. When traveling internationally, the creativity and messages were flowing through me as sweetly and regularly as my hot chocolates. But slowly with each passing day back in busy California streets, the isolation of driving long distance in a vehicle, and the general obsession we all have with the digital world, I had got feeling disconnected. Until now.

I made this quick little video in the beautiful Malibu Canyon at Mercado Sagrado, which is a super cool, organic, high vibe, music and meditation fest where vests can cost $850 and the women all look like (and probably are) models in cowboy boots and felt brimmed hats. Except me – I look like the grungy traveler that I currently am.

After hearing a super inspiring video (I highly suggest you watch it if you’re into Hawaii or people or food) called Island Earth made by surfer Cyrus Sutton, I felt like I had to share this update of what life is right now. Enjoy!

…or take this simple message – Are you “lost”? So am I. Wanna be happy? So do I. Actually, we all are. The solution? Immerse yourself in the forest, in the ocean, in the lakes and rivers and volcanoes and trees. There are deeply rooted answers there that will only help guide you and (re)connect you to your deeper purpose. In developed worlds, we have to seek nature out for the most part, especially for us that are living in cities. But thats not the hard part… The hard part is listening to your heart once you hear what it has to say. Here’s my current experience with the battle of logic v. intuition.

And the one thing that I do know for sure that’s next.. is… video editing software! Stay tuned 🙂

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