Exploring Naples – Birth Place of Pizza

After a few days of yoga and vegetarian eating on a farm deep in the quiet countryside of a national park in Italy, I decided, it was time for pizza. Lots, and LOTS of pizza. So what better place than the city it was invented – Napoli! “Naples” is a beautiful city on a bay that is surrounded by sea water, volcano Vesuvius (known for erupting in 72 AD and covering Pompeii), and the island of Capri (home place of the caprese salad). I waited for my new Swiss friend at a restaurant on the water looking out at these sights, a castle to my right, the volcano to my left, and Capri island in the distance. Young tanned Italian men swam in the water below me, families gathered around the rocks to soak up the afternoon sun, older men sold their fresh catch of mussels, and an Italian woman in a bikini was modeling with what looked like a professional photographer. My eyes, however, were mostly focused on the thin crusted gooey pizza that surrounded me. In Italy, its every pizza to their own, so I ordered the waiters favorite – the buffalo mozarrella, a glass of white wine, and indulged. The owner of the restaurant continued to bring me lemoncello, meloncello, baba (a sweet Napolese bread) and a red rose while saying something romantic in Italian… Not a bad start to this new city.

We spent 3 days exploring the beautiful cobblestone streets, soaking up the warm sunshine, eating lots of pizza and drinking lots of wine. At our hostel in the city center, we met 3 other travelers from Australia, England and Israel and became fast friends (which traveling solo lends easily to). We became inseparable. Our rendezvous included mornings of cappuccinos and sweet pastries, daytime wanders on the ferry to Capri where we rented our own boat and cruised around the island, hopping off to swim in the crystal clear water. We traveled on the metro to end up in Pompeii and hiked up the active volcano (this time, there was a view!). We checked out ruins, and again – ate lots of pizza and drank lots of wine. All in all, Napoli was a quirky, sometimes dirty and hectic, but fun city surrounded by natural beauty – something for everyone. I must say, it was a damn good time with even better people. Check out some of the 3-day adventure below 🙂





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