Mornings on the Farm: Coconut Oil in the Making

Today on the farm, we went cocoNUTS. There’s so much more than pina coladas that you can do with this magical fruit. From freshly fallen coconuts to coconut milk to coconut oil and blondo (an awesome coconut paste for desserts)… Check out the process in this morning video around the chicken farm.

I show you what Bali mornings look like on the farm below!

Once the coconut is grated, we squeeze the pulp to get coconut milk.
Then we heat the coconut milk over a fire (built on coconut husks) – after 3 hours of non-stop stirring we get two products: coconut oil and blondo

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  1. Rich says:

    On the video…..You didn’t point out that your are staying in the middle of the ever famous terraced rice paddies. Some people have terraced rice paddies on the bucket list, and there you are living right in them. The whole place is beautiful!

    1. Natalie Lessa says:

      Hey you’re right! It’s very close to Jatiluweh, which is really a popular rice field destination.

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