Cooking School Chronicles, from the Rice Fields of Bali

Today we had a dozen travelers fill our kitchen to share in the love of cooking. This is where I spend my days now when I’m not wandering through the rice fields, or swimming in nearby hot springs and natural rivers.

So – here’s a quick unedited video of what it’s like in the chicken shed at the New Earth Cooking School 🙂 Enjoy!

Today’s Menu (all local and organic):

  • Caprese with vegan smoked mozzarella and holy basil
  • Young papaya salad with wild coriander and peanuts
  • Coconut and taro root fritters with jackfruit
  • Moringa soup with taro root and spicy coconut
  • Jicama sticks with spicy peanut sauce
  • Raw chocolate fruit cups (chocolate!)
  • Tomato sambal (Indonesian side dish)


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  1. Shannon J.B. says:

    I love the uncut video tour! Really helps to get a visual of where you are and who you’re surrounded by! I’m sure all those dishes are going to be delicious. Bring home some recipes. Xoxo

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