Run With It: Thoughts on 6 Months of Travel


My advice after 6 months of travel?  Do what makes you happy.  Whatever it is that makes you come alive.  Is it to roam with wild elephants or stroll through art museums?  Those ideas that send your heart racing.  Sends blood pumping through your veins. Makes you dizzy with insanity.  Have something you just can’t get off of your mind? That is the ticket.  That’s when you know you’ve landed on an idea that’s going to be worth chasing.

I’ve always assumed everyone wants the same thing as me, I mean, who wouldn’t want to crawl through caves with spiders and eat tarantula?!  Truth is, everyone does want the same thing.  Everyone wants to find happiness.  But the way you get there is up to you.

Some people want to get married, buy a home and have kids. Some people want to indulge in orgies and drop acid. We’re all motivated by different things and at different times in life. The beauty is in the difference of our desires. The tick of  individualistic passion. Entertaining people with magic tricks, jumping out of airplanes, knitting?! We all have our thing. My thing?  I want to see the world.  But it doesn’t really matter what my thing is, it’s about having confidence in whatever your thing is, embracing that it might be different and running with it – even if your parents think you’re nuts.

Because the crazier that people think you are, the better the idea is.  Because the times that you step out of the ordinary footpath of modern day traffic are the times that you see what really makes the world go ’round. When we reject the ideas of what’s expected of us and follow what drives us, is when we get to feel what truly makes life worth living.

Don’t just dream it. Do it. Make it happen.  That insane feeling that’s driving you to something new. Or old. Or current?  Let it lead you to the rainbow.  Because it’s a sign that you’re going to find gold.


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