I Have No Idea What I’m Eating

I am not one to try out-of-the-ordinary food. Give me a cliff to jump off or a plane to jump out but mystery dishes? No way.

So when I found myself in a part of Bangkok that was off the beaten path and no one spoke English, I knew picture menus were my only option.  They had never failed me before.  And I was getting tired of my safe go-to’s of chicken skewers and dumplings.  I had been wandering the streets aimlessly for hours, taking in the smells of roasted duck and motorbike exhaust.  As hunger set in, I spotted a rinky dink place with the ever-saving picture menu.  It was blurry and despite having been in Asia for 3 months now, was pretty foreign to me.  When the waiter approached me I hesitated and pointed to the one image that looked safe – it resembled rice porridge, which I had before and absolutely loved.

This is what I ended up with:


It was sweet to smell and at first dip tasted like apple cider. The gelatinous texture contained a sponge-like cake, mixed with crunchy bits. It wasn’t too bad, actually!

But if I would’ve known what I was spooning into my mouth, I would’ve refused it in a heartbeat.

Anyone know what this is?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. crazyguyinthailand says:

    I like that

  2. crazyguyinthailand says:

    Dish name: fish stomach

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