Natty meets Netty: A Thai Woman Takes Me In


If I were to tell my mom that I met a Thai local really late at a bar and decided to go back to their guesthouse with them, she would probably faint. I mean, she was the one that said I would get kidnapped 30 minutes off the plane…

But last night I did meet a Thai woman at a bar who offered to teach me how to cook Thai food and stay at their bungalow for free. How could I pass that up?! That’s what I came here for!

And not only is it a place to stay, it’s the top choice for Lonely Planet. My bungalow is made of adobe and my view overlooks rice patty fields. I’ve been living in loud party hostels for 2 weeks… I’m in heaven!

So as my dreams are unfolding I also want to mention the other beautiful side of the story. Thai people are astonishingly friendly and have the best intentions. The woman, Netty (ironically, pronounced “Natty”) cried when I told her my intentions for traveling.

People come here because they have so much money and they don’t see the beauty that we see. It’s not about the money, it’s about feeling like a million dollars, Netty told me.

Well I feel like a million dollars for the first time since Ive arrived. Tonight were going to the market to get ingredients and were going to come back and cook, she tells me.

This is what I came here for. It feels right. And it’s all just beginning.



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