Have you ever experienced waste guilt? It could’ve been when you tossed a water bottle in the trash because you couldn’t find the recycle bin. Or maybe it was when you forgot your reusable bag at home. Maybe you have kids that are starting to ask questions, or parents that could use some educating. You want to do the right thing, but who has time for that? Until now.

There’s no doubt that doing the “right thing” can sometimes be difficult, especially when life gets busy. That is why I’ve created this site – to provide you with convenient, easy-to-understand, fun information about recycling and composting in California. So you can quickly educate yourself and go on your way to make informed decisions and actions. Or at the very least it’ll entertain you for a few minutes and give you ammo to win the climate change argument with your know-it-all friend over happy hour. I’ve got your back.

We’re in it together. Let’s educate ourselves. Let’s connect. And let’s feel better about the impact we’re making on the planet. Because the truth is – just by being alive you are creating waste. But how can we waste less? The California Recycling Guide is the perfect place to start 🙂

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